Money Diary Series

How a 58 Year-Old Divorced
Mother of Five Spent Her Week

Age: 58 

Salary: $85000 

Location: Unknown

Selling things that I
don’t need on
Facebook is so easy!

I’m a 58 year-old mother of five, and grandmother of five! Two of my children are away at college and three are older. I’m divorced and work full-time.

Spent: $19.5

I like to prepare healthy meals on Sundays that I can take to work the first few days of the week. I always bring a lunch to work.

Coffee: Had a networking meeting $2.50

Dinner: Had a networking meeting $17


Spent: $5

Paid bills. Sold a rug on Facebook!

Tea at Starbucks—networking meeting in the evening


Spent: $15

Cycle Class: $15


Spent: $32

Bought present for grandson: $25

Made cookies for a college student (ingredients.): $7


Spent: $45

Gas for the drive to an upcoming weekend in Wisconsin: $45


Spent: $75

Took grandchildren to the movies: $75


Spent: $170

Gas for drive home from Wisconsin: $45

Weekly groceries. $125


Spent: $361.5

Reflections on keeping a money diary

This was a good week! Networking costs are well worth it, especially when they are small. Selling things that I don’t need on Facebook is so easy!

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