Rethinking Finances During Coronavirus Uncertainty

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Hired Help

Women | Purse Strings | Financially Fearless

Strategies to Engage Today’s Female Consumers

Guest Blog | Divorce Decisions

Taxes | Purse Strings | Financially Fearless

Get Wise to Withholding

Guest Blog | Wedding Budget

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Necessary Insurance

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Beginning a Budget

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Guest Blog | Divorced Girl Smiling

Bridge the Investment Gender Gap with Education

Guest Blog | Avoiding Clutter

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Success Stories: Marketing to Women Pays Off

Guest Blog | Intentional Philanthropy

Holiday Spending

Spend Mindfully to Make the Holidays Merrier

beauty of connecting with female customers

Drybar: the beauty of connecting with female customers

Importance of Life insurance for women

Life insurance: because you’re worth it

Welcoming women to the financial table | A seat at the table

Welcoming women to the financial table

Courageous Conversations with women about money and finances

Courageous Conversations

Wow The Female Market Download our Free Guide for Insurance and Financial Professionals, which has actionable steps you need to significantly impact your business.

The Massive Purchasing Power of Women

Barbara Provost | Purse Strings

Purse Strings Bridges the Gap to Effectively Reach the Female Market

Purse Strings | Student Loans | Debt

Student Loans Are Hurting Relationships

Females and Finance | Women’s Facebook Group| Financial Empowerment

There’s a storm brewing!

Safety | Purse Strings | Get Certified

Safety First!

Purse Strings | 4th of July

I Want to See You be Brave!

Mortgage Loans & Divorce – What Every Woman Needs to Know

Women's Health

Ladies… Here’s to Our Health!

What I Wish I Knew Sooner…

Barbara Provost | Purse Strings

Ready, Set, LAUNCH!

A Fresh Start in 2018

To Improve Sales, Cater to Women

Strategies To Engage Today’s Female Consumers

Forging Ahead

Going Through Divorce? You Need These Experts On Your Team!

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